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10 handmade and original gift ideas for Mother’s Day [2024]

As Mother's Day approaches, what could be better than a personalized gift to show your affection? Discover our selection of manual activity kits , perfect for creating a unique and meaningful present. Whether for lovers of jewelry, crafts or decoration, each kit is a promise of sharing and creation.

Let yourself be inspired and choose the gift that will make the most important woman in your life happy.

Here are our ten handmade or ready-to-give gift ideas , to say “I love you” in the most beautiful way:

1) Artistic creation for mom: “Travel to Santorini”

Give mom a beautiful escape into the captivating blues of Santorini with our paint by numbers kit . Ideal for art enthusiasts and those looking for a moment of tranquility , this kit makes it easy to recreate a picturesque scene from this famous Greek island. Using a numbers-guided method, she can assemble every detail effortlessly, transforming every painting session into a moment of relaxation and happiness.

Discover our paint by number kits right here!

2) Artistic hug: an Art Pouring teddy bear for the mother

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Surprise mom with a gift as unique as it is moving: a teddy bear that you painted yourself using our pouring art fluid painting kit. This kit contains everything needed to create an adorable soft toy in shades of pink, purple and white, resulting in a personal and touching work of art. Give her this handmade creation to show her how much she means to you this Mother's Day.

Discover our art pouring kits on figurines right here!

3) Floral Elegance: Create a Unique Mother’s Day Necklace

Express your affection with a gesture that is as elegant as it is meaningful. Our DIY kit allows you to make a personalized necklace with resin flower pendants . Easy to use, it offers you the opportunity to create an exclusive piece of jewelry that will capture the essence of your mother's beauty and delicacy. It's the perfect gift to add a special touch to your jewelry collection!

Discover all our kits to make your own jewelry!

4) Personalized Chic: Create a Marbled Leather Wallet for Mom

Give mom a gift that's as practical as it is artistic with our craft kit to create a colorful marbled leather wallet. This DIY project allows you to create and transform a simple leather wallet into an elegant, joyful and unique accessory. It's a creative and touching way to show her your love, giving her not only a beautiful, but also a useful object for Mother's Day!

Discover our kit to make a magnificent wallet for your mother right here!

5) Hand Embroidered Heart: Create a Memory for Mom

Make mom's heart skip a beat with this delicate embroidery kit. Perfect for expressing your love, this kit includes everything you need to create a piece of textile art featuring charming little hearts. This handmade gift will be a sweet representation of your affection, elegantly framed in a hoop, ready to hang and admire. Give her this embroidered heart, a tender and personalized gesture for Mother's Day.

Discover all our DIY embroidery kits for beginners right here!

6) Handmade gift: A unique punch needle bag

Make a tender and useful gesture for mom with our DIY punch needle kit. This kit guides you in creating a tote bag in pastel colors , combining practicality and trendy style. Perfect for moms who appreciate the charm of craftsmanship!

Discover our kits to get started with punch needle right here!

7) “Best Mom” socks to tell her I love you

Express your love in an original and comfortable way with our "Best Mum Ever" box of socks. It's THE perfect gift to remind your mom that she's the best, every day. Give him these cheerful socks to brighten his days and warm his heart with every step.

Discover all our fun and fancy socks for women !

8) Natural charm: Crown of dried flowers to create for mom

Give him a touch of nature and softness with our kit to create a crown of dried flowers . Easy to assemble, this kit allows you to create an elegant and timeless decoration. It's a beautiful and meaningful gift that will symbolize your love with every glance at this natural work of art.

9) Light and color: Citrus dip-dye candles for mom

Brighten mom's day with our citrus dip-dye candle kit . This DIY project not only entertains, but also creates beautiful hand-decorated candles that will diffuse soft light and citrus notes throughout her space. Give her these pretty candles so she thinks of you with every flickering light!

10) Creativity in bars: DIY geometric soaps for mom

This DIY kit allows you to create soaps with fun shapes and bright colors, perfect for brightening up the bathroom! Not only are these soaps fun and decorative, but they are also gentle on the skin, making this gift a perfect mix of functionality and whimsy for Mother's Day.

Discover all our kits for making soaps to offer right here!

Celebrate Mother's Day creatively! Our craft kits are perfect for making a personalized gift that will touch her heart. Choose yours and show mom how special she is.

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