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Painting by number is an activity that children love and which is increasingly attracting the interest of adults. It reminds us of our childhood but also brings many benefits! Improves concentration and creativity, de-stresses, relaxes and brings out the artist in us. La Petite Épicerie offers you this Petit Pinceau paint by number box , which will delight paint by number fans!

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Your questions about our Small Brush paints

What do Petit Pinceau paint numbers generally contain?

A Little Brush Paint by Number Kit includes everything you need to create a stunning work of art. It contains a pre-printed canvas with numbers corresponding to specific colors, brushes of different sizes for optimal precision, pre-filled paint pots, detailed explanatory instructions and advice from the talented illustrators. These elements combined ensure a smooth and enjoyable painting experience for artists of all levels.

What is paint by number?

Painting by number is a guided art activity where an image is pre-printed on a canvas or medium, with numbered areas corresponding to specific colors. Participants use these numbers to apply the correct colors, creating a complete, detailed work of art, often without requiring prior artistic skills.

Is Petit Pinceau a French brand?

Yes, Petit Pinceau is a French brand and made in France. It embodies French creativity and artistic know-how, offering a range of quality products in the field of creative hobbies, including paint-by-number kits. The brand highlights French art and artistic expression.

Are paint by numbers suitable for beginners?

Painting by numbers is open to all ages, as long as you can handle a brush and have good vision! Children, adults, elderly people, all can benefit from the many virtues of this discipline. It promotes the development or maintenance of motor and cognitive skills, teaches patience and rigor, increases personal fulfillment and reduces stress, while introducing a new form of creative expression. This is why painting by numbers is enjoyed by a wide range of ages and is considered one of the most popular creative activities.

What is the Petit Pinceau brand?

Petit Pinceau is a range of paint by numbers designed especially for you, from A to Z. Thanks to these paint by numbers kits, you can create original, modern and vibrant works. Take the time to relax for several hours as you immerse yourself in the careful reproduction of your carefully chosen illustration. Each of the illustrations was imagined by talented illustrators from around the world.

The Petit Pinceau La Petite Epicerie paint-by-numbers sets all include a 24.5 x 32.5 cm illustration to paint, two brushes of different sizes, pre-filled paint pots, instructions and advice provided by each illustrator to introduce you to painting. So, have you already made your choice from our paint by numbers?