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Everything you need to create beautiful macramé jewelry, bags, pendants, key rings and wall decorations!

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, our macrame kits will guide you through every step of creating your project, with clear instructions and quality materials. Add a bohemian touch to your outfit with our macramé jewelry kits, create elegant pendant lights for your home or crochet bags for a bohemian look. Give free rein to your creativity and discover the ancestral art of macramé with our DIY macramé kits!

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Your questions about our macramé kits

What is a macramé kit?

A macramé kit contains everything needed to create hand crochet jewelry, wall decorations, hangings or even bags , it allows you to express your creativity in a unique and personal way! With clear instructions and quality materials, you will easily create beautiful macramé pieces that will add a touch of bohemian charm and originality to your interior or look. Bring your imagination to life with our macrame kits and let your creativity soar.

What is the difficulty level of a macrame kit?

The level of difficulty of a macramé kit can vary, but in general, they are accessible to all levels, beginners and advanced alike. Macramé kits are designed to guide you step by step in making your creation, with clear instructions and suitable materials. Whether you are a novice or experienced, you can easily create macramé jewelry thanks to our macramé jewelry making kits as well as wall decorations or suspensions. With a little patience and practice, you can perfect your technique and create unique, personalized works of art.

What is the origin of macramé?

The origin of macramé dates back thousands of years in different cultures around the world.

The first evidence of this technique dates back to prehistoric times, where excavations have revealed remains of rope weaving, natural threads and knots.

However, macramé as we know it today took off in Arab, Turkish and Chinese civilizations. Over the centuries, this technique has spread throughout the world, with regional variations and cultural adaptations. Today, macramé continues to be a popular art form, used to create jewelry, accessories, wall decorations, clothing and much more. The choice of macramés is wide!

Why buy a macramé kit?

There are many benefits to purchasing a macrame kit. First of all, they are designed as real creative kits , they contain all the materials you need to create your own decorative piece or jewelry, thus avoiding the search for materials and additional costs.

Additionally, the instructions and tutorials provided in macrame kits are generally clear and easy to follow, making the creation easier for beginners to complete. Macrame kits also offer a variety of different projects, allowing users to explore and discover different macrame techniques and styles. Finally, purchasing a macrame kit is an eco-friendly and sustainable way to create beautiful, unique pieces for your home or to give as a gift.

Macramé is a creative activity that is taking an increasingly important place in interior design. This rope braiding technique allows you to create unique and harmonious pieces, playing on the balance of knots and rings.

With complete equipment, a ball of cotton and a few beads, you can make decorative items for your table, your wall or even to hang plants.

Beginners can easily get started in this activity thanks to macramé kits for beginners containing everything needed to make their first piece.

In addition to being a moment of mindful relaxation, macramé allows you to create personalized decoration in accordance with your tastes and desires. You can add feathers, seeds, pieces of wood or even glitter for an original and colorful look.

Let yourself be inspired by this braiding activity that combines technique and design!