Collection: Decorative and design puzzle

Fall for our decorative puzzles ! These designer puzzles for adults turn into real decorations once completed. Let your creativity shine by assembling a dreamscape, a pop art poster or a colorful illustration.

From 500 to 1000 pieces, our decorative adult puzzles promise hours of relaxation and disconnection. The satisfaction once the last piece is fitted is priceless! The graphic and colorful illustrations will easily find their place in your interior. Framed, they will be a sensation in your living room , your office or your bedroom.

Carefully selected from talented creators.

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Your questions about our decorative and design puzzles

What are the different themes of your decorative puzzles?

We offer a wide range of themes for our decorative puzzles to satisfy all tastes: natural landscapes (jungle, seaside, etc.), famous monuments, vibrant pop art illustrations, vintage posters and patterns, designer world maps, etc. . Enough to travel from your sofa!

How many pieces do your designer puzzles have?

Our collection includes puzzles from 500 to 1000 pieces , with a large selection of 1000 piece puzzles. This is the ideal format for making a fairly large and detailed puzzle, without it being too tedious. Allow approximately 6 to 10 hours to complete a 1000 piece puzzle. Enough to keep you busy over several sessions!

What is the final size of the decorative puzzles when completed?

For a 1000 piece puzzle, allow for a size of approximately 70 x 50 cm once assembled. The final size is indicated on each product sheet. It is a perfect format to be framed and hung on the wall as a pretty poster.

Do the puzzles come with their frame?

No, our puzzles are sold alone, without a frame. This allows you to choose a frame according to your tastes once your puzzle is completed. This also makes them easier to transport and allows for easy storage if you want to keep them in a box.