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Dive into the heart of our children's craft collection, to stimulate your little ones ' imagination. Each creative leisure kit for children invites you to explore, create and learn. From jewelry to painting, coloring clothes to manual games , not forgetting innovative inflatable coloring pages, we have everything to captivate young minds. With renowned brands such as Graine Creative and Créa Lign', be sure to offer moments of quality and enlightenment. Perfect for gifts , these creative toys promise unforgettable smiles and hours of hands-on activity .

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Your questions about our children's craft kits:

Kit découverte BIG de 60 pièces - jeu de construction enfant - PLUS PLUS kontiki

For what age are the creative leisure kits suitable?

Our collection covers a wide age range, from 3 to 12 years old. Each kit clearly indicates the recommended age so you can choose based on your child's level. The youngest will enjoy the coloring while the older ones can learn about sewing or punch needle for example.

Are materials included in the DIY kits?

Yes, our kits come with everything you need! No need for additional equipment, you have everything you need to start the activity, from support to accessories and detailed explanations. Some kits, such as painting, even offer an apron to protect clothes.

Do you have to be an expert in DIY to help your child?

Absolutely not ! Our kits are designed to be accessible to everyone, parents and children alike. Very comprehensive step-by-step guides are provided with diagrams and photos. You can of course help your child but the goal is for him to gain independence. Our creations are also an opportunity to spend some bonding time with family!

Are DIY boxes easy to transport for the holidays?

Yes, most of our kits are designed to be easily transportable. They come in the form of attractive compact boxes with compartments for neatly storing equipment. You can slip them into a suitcase or bag to liven up rainy days on vacation or keep the children busy during long journeys. In addition, our crafts do not require an electrical outlet or batteries, a nice detail for playing anywhere.

Can we do creative activities together?

Most of our kits are designed for a child but nothing prevents you from sharing the pleasure of creating with others! It's even an excellent idea to strengthen brotherly bonds, for example. Certain large DIY projects such as painting on canvas or giant coloring pages are particularly suitable for group workshops. You will also find kits to make several pieces of jewelry or objects, perfect for a birthday party with friends.

Do the crafts require a lot of space or preparation?

Our kits are designed to be stored easily and not take up space. The box serves as storage and the accessories are in sufficient quantity, without unnecessary excess. As for preparation, it is often limited to spreading out a table protector and opening the kit instructions. Some DIY projects require drying time or a little cooking if an adult supervises, but nothing too complicated. Easy to store, easy to prepare, our creative workshops will find a place in your home!