Radis et Capucine , a family-owned seed company, is committed to producing seeds that match their strong values ​​of sustainability and quality. The brand's products are intended for children who have the ability to marvel at beautiful gifts and have fun through fun activities . The Radish and Nasturtium kits turn gardening into a fun and simple task. They manufacture, assemble and distribute certified organic seeds, as well as organic potting mixes.
The Radis et Capucine “ Les Ateliers ” range aims to help us rediscover our childhood memories by making simple dishes imagined by a chef.

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Radish and Nasturtium kits

Since 1927, Radis et Capucine has been an active member of the Union Française des Semenciers, and the company stands out for the design and assembly of planting kits entirely made in France, within its own facilities. Each planting kit benefits from Ecocert certification, ensuring the use of the highest quality organic seeds. The choice of a Radish and Nasturtium garden box is naturally obvious for several reasons:

  1. Organic Agriculture Certification: All seeds and soils included in our kits are certified Organic Agriculture, thus guaranteeing an environmentally friendly approach.
  2. Superior Quality Seeds: Our seeds are rigorously tested, ensuring optimal germination and the growth of healthy, vigorous plants.
  3. Games for Children Compliant with Safety Standards: Our kits include games for children which comply with the CE EN71 standard, thus offering a safe fun experience.
  4. Clear and Complete Instructions: Each kit comes with detailed and accessible instructions, allowing everyone to grow their plants while having fun.
  5. 100% French manufacturing: Our commitment to quality and sustainability is also reflected in the fact that all our products are proudly made in France.

Opting for a Radish and Nasturtium garden box means choosing quality, simplicity and respect for the environment. Cultivate your gardening dreams while contributing to an eco-responsible approach.

  • Kitchen kits

    Radis et Capucine invites you to rediscover the pleasures of traditional cuisine through a selection of healthy, mostly organic products. Their range of DIY creative kitchen sets includes a variety of choices to satisfy the most demanding gourmet.

    To accompany your dishes and enrich your salads, Radis et Capucine also offers organic sprouting seeds and organic mushroom kits , for a cuisine full of freshness.

  • Easy, child-friendly creative kits

    The Radis et Capucine DIY kits are carefully designed to offer you a pleasant and accessible experience. Their main ambition is to allow customers to share these precious moments with their family , especially with their children. This is how you can explore the mysteries of nature, cooking and cosmetics, while having fun, whether alone, with family or with friends.

    Whether you are a nature enthusiast, a foodie or a lover of homemade beauty products, the kits open the door to a world of exploration and pleasure, while promoting intergenerational connections.