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Immerse yourself in the colorful and captivating world of painting pouring with our exclusive collection of complete figurine painting pouring kits . Each of our kits is designed to unleash your creativity, allowing you to transform a simple figurine into an abstract, personalized work of art.

With a varied color palette, these bear pouring or " fluid bear " kits offer everything needed to explore the art of pouring at home . Perfect for beginners and experienced artists alike, our collection is an invitation to express your artistic passion and decorate your space with originality!

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Your questions about our pouring & bear pouring paint kits

Are Bear Pouring kits suitable for children?

Quite ! Our Bear Pouring kits are suitable for children over 8 years old :-)

What is pouring art?

Pouring art , also called fluid art or pouring painting , is an innovative painting technique that involves pouring acrylic paint onto different surfaces, such as canvases or bear figurines, to create unique and dynamic designs. This approach allows for original designs, where colors mix spontaneously and unpredictably, providing exceptional and personal artistic results.

How many colors should I choose to create my pouring art figurine?

To achieve the best effects using the pouring art technique, it is advisable to select between two and four colors.

Where does the acrylic pouring trend come from?

The acrylic pouring trend comes from the United States, Korea but also Europe in cities like Milan, London and Berlin!

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