Collection: Original and useful birth gift

Are you looking for the perfect birth gift? Don't panic, we have some original and useful ideas that will win over little ones and their parents.

Each of these gifts not only combines beauty and practicality, but is also designed with particular attention to preserving baby's health and respecting the environment.

After spending nine months warm, baby deserves softness and comfort to find the soothing feeling of his mother's tummy. Say goodbye to irritating materials and harmful products, favoring eco-designed alternatives that offer baby maximum well-being and tenderness.

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Looking for an original and useful birth gift?

The birth gift, steeped in tradition, symbolizes the welcome of the newborn and congratulations to the young parents. To mark this special moment, JOY! offers you a selection of practical, modern and original birth gifts, suitable for both little boys and little girls, and even mom and dad!

  • Original and unique birth gifts for the whole family

    At JOY!, we have thought of birth gifts that are much more than just a simple gesture. Our sock boxes, designed for mom, dad and baby, are the perfect idea to celebrate a new life or announce a birth. These adorable boxes not only provide warmth and comfort for the whole family, but they also convey a message of happiness and sharing.

  • Create personalized and useful birth gifts

    If you're looking for a personal touch, our DIY sewing kits are there for you. With these kits, you can create exceptional birth gifts yourself, such as slippers, a hat, a bath cape, an activity cube and a cuddly toy, all handmade with love. Give unique, homemade gifts that demonstrate your thoughtfulness and creativity. At JOY!, we believe in the magic of handmade gifts that convey a true feeling of joy and love.