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Discover our DIY kits specially designed to guide you in making unique and personalized candles . Whether you are a beginner or passionate about creative hobbies , our boxes contain everything you need to easily make delicious scented candles: soy wax, wicks, perfumes, accessories...

Let your creativity speak by varying the colors, scents and decorations according to your desires. Romantic flowered candles, with crystals for a touch of luxury, lithotherapy-inspired to combine well-being and decoration... It's up to you to choose your style!

Each candle kit comes with detailed instructions with tips to accompany you step by step in this moment of relaxation and creation. The hardest part will be resisting the urge to keep them for yourself because the result will be stunning! Ideal as a DIY gift to give yourself or to share with a friend, our kits will delight all DIY lovers.

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Your questions about our candle making kits

Are candle kits suitable for beginners?

Yes, all our kits are accessible to beginners because they contain detailed instructions and all the necessary materials. No need to be an expert in creative hobbies, our boxes are designed to guide you step by step!

How long should it take to make the candles?

The completion time varies depending on the model but allow on average 30 minutes to 1 hour , in addition to the drying time. It’s the perfect activity to fill an afternoon!

The wax provided can make how many candles?

Each kit contains the quantity of wax necessary to make between 1 and 3 candles depending on the model chosen. All ingredients are provided in the correct proportions.

Can the candles be used once they are finished or are they just decorative?

You can absolutely use your creations and burn them. However, we advise you to let them dry for at least 48 hours after making for optimal results. A pretty candle to admire and burn!

Are the fragrances contained in the kits natural?

We are committed to offering you quality scents. The fragrances provided in our kits are of natural origin or of identical natural composition to faithfully recreate the desired scent. You can use them with complete peace of mind!

Can we make candles with children?

Candle making remains an activity to be carried out under the supervision of an adult because it involves handling hot wax. It can nevertheless be a great creative workshop to share with your teenager from around 12 years old, being vigilant during the melting and pouring stages of the wax.

Are the candles made suitable as a gift or for a special occasion?

With their trendy and refined look, the candles made with our kits will indeed make an ideal gift, whether for a birthday, Mother's Day or as a simple present. Everyone will be seduced by this delicate handmade attention! Candles are also perfect for wedding or party decor.