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Graine Créative is an inevitable brand in the world of creative hobbies . It offers a wide range of gift boxes and creative kits that will allow you to unleash your artistic potential; kit to make your own crochet, soaps, candles and your own super cute Amigurumi!

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Creative Seed kits

Originally, it is the story of two ambitious and passionate entrepreneurs: Edmond Roth and Didier Guilley. In the 1980s, when they were both running their own businesses, their paths crossed. Edmond Roth was the director of a company specializing in the import of raffia and natural materials, while Didier Guilley firmly believed in French production and undertook the creation of candles for schools. Their meeting was the starting point for a fruitful collaboration and the fusion of their ideas and skills.

The year 2005 marks the formalization of the partnership between the two companies. Each of them is experiencing remarkable growth and acquiring international notoriety, in particular thanks to their participation in specialized trade fairs. However, it will be necessary to wait until 2020 for these two companies to merge under the name Graine Créative® .

Today, the little seed has a promising future and continues to inspire you with innovative products while preserving positive values ​​such as " do it yourself ", " slow life " and transmission between generations.

Their ambition is clear: to democratize creative hobbies for all . Graine Créative® offers a catalog comprising more than 7,000 references, designed to delight, inspire and help everyone to carry out magnificent creative projects with their own hands. Indeed, at Graine Créative®, everyone is able to give free rein to their creativity!

Graine Créative invites you to express your talent through a wide range of activities, whether modeling, masking tape, decoration, customization, jewelry, molding, paint and varnish, masks , makeup, stencils, paper, stamps, kits, wood or cardboard, magnets, kraft, creative card making, crazy plastic, soaps or candles, or even thread art.

  • The Know-How of Graine Créative

    French made
    French manufacturing occupies a central place in the values ​​of Graine Créative. The brand has a production site, located in Touraine, where no less than 400,000 items are meticulously manufactured each year. This includes stamps for card making, hand-poured soaps and candles, and masks. In addition, all creative kits are assembled in France.

    Recognized expertise in Fimo paste
    Graine Créative has built up undisputed expertise in the field of modeling. For almost 10 years, the group has been the world's leading distributor of the famous polymer clay that you surely know: FIMO clay.

  • Graine Creative products

    FIMO® Paste
    FIMO® clay is your ally for creating a multitude of objects, with infinite shapes and colors. It offers you hours of creativity, whether alone or with your children: whether it's characters, jewelry...

    Creative Stationery
    Enter the world of Graine Créative stationery and let yourself be carried away by the fun products that await you there: adhesive tapes and masking tape, customizable stamps, decorative wooden stamps, linocut materials...

    Graine Créative offers you a wide choice of accessories for creating your jewelry: beads, rhinestones, leather laces, customizable brooches, embroidery bracelets, etc.

    The candles
    The world of wax contains many surprises. What if you started creating your own candles? Graine Créative provides you with all the necessary accessories to personalize them according to your desires: color, scent, shape...

    Yarn Art
    Do you know the art of amigurumi? These little crochet creations are all the rage! Graine Créative® offers kits to introduce you to this activity.