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Paint by number kits provide a unique creation experience to satisfy your artistic soul. Each adult paint kit comes with a variety of colors and tools that allow you to paint trendy works.

If you're looking for a new way to express yourself, or want to learn an art form for fun and relaxation, paint by number is a great option. Whether you choose to paint by number, paint by hand, try scratch painting or paint your sneakers, we have the perfect kit to help you create your own works of art.

Whether you choose to paint animals, landscapes or portraits, you'll find the Petit Pinceau paint kit you need to create professional-quality artistic works. Here you will find a wide variety of painting kits of all levels and budgets. We offer you the best quality and service so you can create works of art that you will be proud of!

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  • Coffret peinture au numéro - St Barthélémy par Léa Morichon LA PETITE EPICERIE

    Step 1: Prepare your workspace

    1. Unpack your kit: Start by opening your paint by number kit and check that you have all the necessary elements: the numbered canvas, the numbered acrylic paint pots, the brushes, and possibly a frame or support to stretch your canvas.
    2. Organize your space: Choose a well-lit and comfortable workspace. Lay your canvas on a flat surface. You can use an easel if you have one, for better ergonomics.
    3. Sort your paints: Organize your paint cans by number for easy access. This will help you stay focused on your painting without having to search for colors.
  • Coffret peinture au numéro - St Barthélémy par Léa Morichon LA PETITE EPICERIE

    Step 2: Start Painting!

    1. Start with the large areas: Identify the large areas to paint on your canvas and start with those. This will allow you to progress quickly and see the work take shape.
    2. Respect the numbers: Match the numbers on the paint cans with those written on the canvas. Apply the paint carefully, using the appropriate brush for the size of the area to be painted.
    3. Paint by color: For a more efficient approach, paint all areas corresponding to a number before moving on to the next color. This will save you from constantly cleaning your brushes.
    4. Take your time: Painting by number is a relaxing activity. Don't rush and enjoy the process. If you make a mistake, don't panic! Let the paint dry and simply cover it with the correct color.

    Step 3: the finishing touch!

    1. Let it dry: Once your painting is finished, let it dry completely. Depending on the thickness of the paint applied, this may take a few hours.
    2. Apply a protective layer: To preserve your work, you can apply a transparent varnish. This will add a shine to your paint and protect it.
    3. Frame your work: If your kit allows it, frame your numbered painting. Otherwise, a frame purchased separately will do just fine. This will showcase your work and make it ready to hang.
    4. Share your creation: Do not hesitate to share your work with those around you or on social networks. It's a great way to showcase your talent and inspire other creators.

Why paint by number?

Awaken the artist in you and escape from stressful everyday life thanks to the magic of paintable numbers pictures . Artistic creation on canvas is no longer reserved for professional painters. With our paint by numbers kits , you can hone your artistic skills and gain confidence by painting predefined areas. Each color corresponds to a number, making the process as simple and comforting as the coloring books of our youth.

Painting by numbers serves as an initial guide for your canvas creations, providing a framework to get started. However, as you gain experience, you will find that it is possible to go beyond these instructions to express your own style and creativity. It's a great way to reduce stress and anxiety, a form of artistic relaxation that we highly value.

Explore a world of creativity with our huge selection of paint by numbers kits, offering over 100 designs to suit all your aspirations. Whether you are attracted to romance, natural landscapes, modern and colorful illustrations or abstract patterns, immerse yourself in this artistic adventure. Each kit includes a quality canvas with numbers, assorted paints, brushes, and a thumbnail photo for your orientation. Our kits are available in different sizes and can be accompanied by an optional frame to stretch and display your work on the wall of your choice.

The growing interest in art therapy and painting by numbers in recent years demonstrates their recognized effectiveness as a means of relaxation and escape through art.

Your questions about our paint by number kits

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What does a paint by number kit usually contain?

A paint by number kit usually includes everything needed to create a work of art. This type of kit often includes a range of colored paints, an assortment of brushes of various sizes, a palette for combining shades, and a medium for painting, such as a pre-numbered canvas or special paper. Some kits also offer additional tools such as sponges, wipes, or guides for novices. Contents may vary depending on the painting medium used, whether oil paint, acrylic, watercolor, etc.

How do I choose the best paint by number kit based on my experience level?

For beginners, it is advisable to choose paint by number kits with more minimalist and less complex illustrations, ideal for getting started without feeling overwhelmed. These kits include simple instructions and easy-to-mix colors. For those at an intermediate or advanced level, choose kits offering a greater diversity of colors and more complex patterns such as Petit Pinceau paints .

How long does it take to make a paint by number board?

The time it takes to finish a paint by number painting varies greatly depending on the complexity of the artwork and your level. Completion can take between 1 hour and 8 hours depending on the paint kit chosen.

Which paint by number kits are suitable for beginners?

Our painting kits are ideally designed to suit people new to art . Our paint by number kits are meticulously chosen and prepared to ensure a pleasant and easy-to-access artistic experience, even for those new to painting.