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With their unique and colorful shapes, Plus Plus puzzles offer endless construction possibilities. Whether your child wants to create animals, vehicles, buildings or give free rein to their imagination, Plus Plus is the ideal game to develop their fine motor skills and creativity.

Easy to handle, the construction sets fit together perfectly for stable constructions. Their small size also makes them perfect for on-the-go play. Plus Plus offers puzzles of various sizes and themes, there is something for all tastes and all ages from 1 year old.

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Your questions about Plusplus puzzles and construction games:

Puzzle Papillon 800 Pcs - Jeu de construction enfant PLUS PLUS plus plus

From what age can you play with Plus Plus?

Plus Plus puzzles are suitable for children aged 1 and over. There are larger pieces for little hands as well as classic models. The recommended age is indicated on each box.

How many pieces do Plus Plus puzzles contain?

We offer puzzles in various sizes, from small boxes of 20 pieces to large bins of 1200 pieces. The number of pieces is indicated in the description of each set.

Are PlusPlus pieces compatible between different sets?

Yes, all classic PlusPlus pieces are compatible with each other, making it easy to mix colors and expand your collection. The larger pieces (Plus Plus Big) are compatible with each other but not with the classic pieces.

Is storage for PlusPlus construction sets provided?

The parts are delivered in their box or bin which also serves as storage. For smaller sets, a transparent storage box may be included. It's practical for taking your Plus Plus everywhere.

Are Plus games strong?

Made from tough, durable plastic, Plus Plus games are built to last. The parts fit together firmly, which ensures good stability of even the largest constructions. Plus Plus quality is there for hours of intense gaming!