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Painting by number, embroidery, floral art, DIY jewelry, and many more. Discover our many creative ideas to offer or treat yourself!

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JOY!, the essential address for creative kits!

We offer a wide selection of creative hobbies for adults as well as children. Whether you are a fan of DIY, coloring, DIY sewing , knitting, Zero Waste or any other manual activity, we have what you need!

Find our selection of stationery, brushes and pencils to give free rein to your creativity. Are you looking for a kit on a particular theme? We have a wide variety of creation kits on different themes: Christmas, your children's favorite heroes, nature, etc.

Creative boxes and creative gifts for beginners and experienced.

Each kit contains all the materials needed to carry out a quality creative activity, such as coloring cards, modeling clay or origami paper. Our creation kits contain a wide range of colors to allow you to create beautiful and vibrant results.

Our passion ? Find ideas to help you make your own creations. You will also find toys and books to stimulate your creativity.

Discover our boxes

Manual activities for the whole family and at all prices!

Crafts are perfect for children, but also for adults. They are a great way to relax and unwind while flexing your creativity; scratch paint , puzzles, punch needles, games, DIY jewelry...Our creative boxes and decorative objects are also a great gift idea.

All our products are made of quality materials and are easy to use, even for beginners. Whether you are an experienced creative or looking to discover a new manual activity, you will find what you need on JOY and even at a low price!

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Your questions about our creative kits and do-it-yourself gifts:

What creative gift to give to a mother-in-law?

If you're looking for a gift for a creative mother-in-law, why not give her a kit to learn embroidery or paint by number ? These kits are perfect for people who love creative hobbies and want to learn new artistic techniques. If your mother-in-law is environmentally conscious, a zero waste kit could be a great option. This type of kit contains reusable and durable items to replace disposable items, helping to reduce waste.

If your mother-in-law has a bohemian spirit, macramé kits for beginners will please her. She will be able to create her own macramé wall decoration but also her own jewelry.

If your mother-in-law likes to cook and prepare beautiful and delicious cakes, scrapcooking kits are an excellent idea! They have everything she needs to make great recipes for the whole family.

What useful gift to give?

If you want something fun and practical, a set of novelty socks can be a great choice. Novelty socks are always fun to wear, but they are also very useful and can be worn every day.

Our creative leisure kits for adults and teenagers are also a good option if you are looking for something fun and practical, don't hesitate to look at the numerous French Kits to learn new techniques!

If you are looking for a fun but useful gift for a child, coloring pajamas can be a great idea. This helps encourage the creativity of our little darlings!

For those with a sweet tooth looking for the latest trends, a Bubble Tea kit is an excellent idea!

Do you have any puzzles?

Yes of course ! We have several types of puzzles for adults but also 3D puzzles.

Puzzles are a great gift idea. They allow us to offer a creative experience to those we love and why not help them discover a new passion!

We also thought of children by finding 3D puzzle masks for children . They will love building their own costume :-)

Do you have any gifts ready to give?

Quite ! If creative hobbies are not your cup of tea or if you simply don't have the time to start creating a gift, don't panic, we've thought of you!

Among the most popular gift ideas, we recommend original design objects , these nuggets that we have unearthed for you will delight interior decoration fans.

For stylish women who are sensitive to made in France, go for a handmade crochet bag .

For women and men who like to take care of themselves, opt for a well-being gift box. This is a safe bet, there is little chance that you will be wrong!

Which creative leisure kit for adults to choose?

The choice of creative leisure kit for adults will depend above all on your tastes. We offer a wide range of products, ranging from knitting and embroidery boxes, paint by numbers, to kits for making your own jewelry and cosmetic boxes. Choose the one that inspires you the most! What do you dream of learning? What would you like to discover in your free time? What skill do you want to develop?

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