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Discover our wide range of Scrapcooking kits to decorate your cakes and make gourmet pastry creations. With our complete kits, you can make delicious cakes, cupcakes, cookies and many other desserts. The high-quality silicone molds, utensils and matching decorations will allow you to let your creativity run wild. Whether you want to make sugar paste decorations, cut out and shape designs using stainless steel molds, or garnish your cakes with icing and tempting toppings, our Scrapcooking kits offer you all the possibilities. Treat yourself to moments of baking pleasure with our creative and personalized kits .

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Your questions about our Scrapcooking kits

What are the different cake decorating techniques I can learn with a Scrapcooking kit?

With a Scrapcooking kit you can learn different cake decorating techniques such as modeling with sugar paste, using stencils, creating decorations and applying icing with piping bags. You can also use cookie cutters to cut out original shapes from sugar paste or biscuits.

Are Scrapcooking kits suitable for baking beginners?

Yes, Scrapcooking kits are particularly suitable for baking beginners. They are designed to guide you step by step in making simple and delicious recipes. The kits include detailed instructions and all the necessary utensils, such as silicone molds, spatulas, piping bags and cookie cutters, to help you succeed in your baking creations.

Are Scrapcooking kits reusable?

Yes, Scrapcooking kits are reusable. Utensils such as molds, cookie cutters and piping bags are made of quality stainless steel, making them durable and easy to clean. Decorations such as edible glitter, pearls and sugar decorations can also be reused to embellish other baking creations.

Are Scrapcooking kits suitable for children?

Yes, Scrapcooking kits are suitable for children, but under adult supervision. They offer a fun and creative way to introduce children to baking. The kits include safe accessories such as cookie cutters with non-sharp edges and piping bags suitable for little hands. Children can have fun decorating cupcakes, cookies and other treats.

What are the different themes available in the Scrapcooking kits?

The Scrapcooking kits offer different themes to satisfy all desires. You can find kits to create a chocolate fountain, donuts, muffins, number cakes and even a hot dog machine. Each theme includes the necessary utensils to allow you to make custom desserts according to your preferences.

Are Scrapcooking kits suitable for special occasions like birthdays or weddings?

Yes, Scrapcooking kits are perfect for special occasions like birthdays and weddings. Number cakes are a great option for birthdays, allowing you to personalize the cake with the age or number of your choice. As for the hot dog machine, it can be used to prepare original snacks at weddings, especially for the reception. The creative possibilities are endless with Scrapcooking.

What is the Scrapcooking brand?

Scrapcooking is a brand specializing in creative baking products and accessories. Founded in France, it offers a wide range of kits, utensils and decorations to allow pastry lovers to give free rein to their creativity. Scrapcooking products are renowned for their quality, ease of use and innovative design. Whether you are a beginner or a pastry enthusiast, the Scrapcooking brand offers you everything you need to make unique and delicious desserts.