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Our embroidery and knitting kits are a set of supplies and tools needed to get started with embroidery. They may include cotton or silk threads of different colors, an embroidery canvas, an embroidery needle, and sometimes even patterns or instructions for making a specific embroidery. The beginner embroidery kits and knitting kits are suitable for all levels so you can get started step by step. They make a great gift set to give for creative people!

Cross-stitch embroidery kit , DIY Punch Needles or knitting hats, there is something for all tastes and for all levels, no more excuses not to get started!

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Embroidery kits for beginners: Get started easily with our all-in-one kits!

To get started with DIY embroidery, all you need to do is:

  • Choose a quick project to complete
  • Have all the necessary equipment on hand
  • Follow a tutorial adapted to your level.

With us, embroidery is accessible to everyone! Say goodbye to cross stitch and discover modern embroidery that breathes new life into this thread art, specially designed for beginners.

Our embroidery templates are designed to make your job easier. Each adult craft kit includes a needle, necessary cotton threads, printed canvas and an embroidery hoop. As if you were attending an embroidery class, you will have access to a series of video tutorials to learn the basic stitches. Choose your favorite pattern and get started right away. You will discover that embroidering is much simpler than you imagined thanks to our method!

Modern embroidery kits to learn while having fun

Our concept focuses on decorative embroidery. Each embroidery hoop is small to fit easily into your interior decoration. Discover “hoop art”! This involves hanging your embroidery on the wall like a painting. It is also a magnificent handmade gift to offer, as only creative hobbies and crafts allow.

The collections are developed with talented designers who draw the patterns, then adapted to the requirements of embroidery. The resulting design is printed on a French-made embroidery canvas. You will not need to transfer the pattern to the fabric, everything is ready to be embroidered. Just follow the outline with the needle. Cotton embroidery threads offer a luminous and soft finish, bringing a touch of poetry and delicacy.

Easy-to-make beginner embroidery kits

Thanks to printed canvases, you will avoid the tedious step of transferring to the fabric, especially when you are starting out. The technical booklet guides you step by step in creation, and the video tutorials make embroidery accessible to everyone, without the need to understand a grid or count the stitches. Simply stitch the canvas with the needle provided and learn stem or knot stitches and their fabulous effects on fabric.

Buying a beginner embroidery kit is a real experience. You disconnect from everyday life and thanks to the learning method, you will create your first creation in 1 to 3 hours. The embroidery technique is not complicated when it is explained simply. All you have to do is insert the needle and let yourself be guided.

Modern and varied embroidery kits

Once you have completed your first embroidery stitch, you may discover a new passion. Our embroidery supports offer a multitude of possibilities. Opting for a complete embroidery kit when you're starting out means:

  • Save time with all the necessary equipment in one box, which you can take anywhere
  • Have the right embroidery pattern without wasting hours searching for a beginner-friendly tutorial on the internet
  • Save money without buying too many unnecessary supplies and hoarding embroidery threads and canvases without using them. You will only need sewing scissors.
  • You can do without a complex pattern or diagram with an easy-to-follow tutorial, and feel fully creative.
  • Decorate your home with an original wall embroidery to personalize your interior.

Traditional embroidery revisited

We are specialists in embroidery for beginners. We were inspired by the craftsmanship of embroiderers and tradition to give this creative hobby a central place in your daily life. Our assortment of embroidery kits but also sewing kits for beginners and kits for creating your own macramé offers you a wide choice. You can thus reproduce a bouquet or the embroidered image of Frida Kahlo. Our world of trendy and contemporary embroidery will adapt to your wall decoration, for an interior that suits you.

Your questions about our embroidery kits for beginners:

Why choose an embroidery kit?

The embroidery kit is a creative hobby box that contains everything you need to learn to sew and create original designs. It is easy to use and suitable for both beginners and experienced people who want to discover new techniques.

It's a great way to discover traditional embroidery techniques so that you can add your own touch later! The embroidery kit is perfect for developing your sewing and embroidery skills.

Do you have embroidery kits for beginners?

Absolutely ! All our embroidery kits are suitable for beginners, no more excuses not to get started!

What is the difference between knitting and embroidery?

The main difference between a knitting kit and an embroidery kit is the type of supplies and techniques included in each kit.

Knitting kits include knitting needles and thread to create stitches, embroidery kits include embroidery needles and thread to create designs on existing fabric.