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Immerse yourself in a world of creativity and color with the OMY collection! Whether it's for little princesses looking for adventure, budding superhero or Disney fans or fantasy animal lovers, we have everything you need to spark your children's imagination. Explore our coloring and painting kits filled with captivating designs, calming mandalas and magical coloring pages. Let them express their creativity with our colored pencils, markers and stencils. Your children will transform into budding artists with our 3D masks to decorate and our fun nail stickers. Whether it's coloring for Easter, Halloween or Christmas, or just for fun, OMY offers a multitude of options to suit all tastes. Provide your children with hours of creative entertainment. Make every moment a magical adventure with OMY!

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Your questions about our puzzles, nail stickers and coloring Omy

What are the different OMY coloring themes?

The different themes of OMY coloring books are varied and captivating. You will find worlds featuring superheroes, fairy unicorns, knights, rainbows, enchanted princesses, adorable kawaii drawings, fascinating dinosaurs and a multitude of animals to color. Each theme offers a unique and stimulating coloring experience for children.

What are the benefits of OMY paints and coloring for children in terms of awareness and fine motor skills?

OMY paints and colorings offer many educational benefits to children in terms of awareness and fine motor skills. By engaging in these creative activities, children develop their concentration, their hand-eye coordination, as well as their dexterity and precision in movements. It also promotes their artistic expression, their imagination and their sense of colors, while stimulating their cognitive and emotional development in a playful, fun but also mindful way.

What are the different designs available in OMY nail stickers?

OMY nail stickers offer a variety of designs for girls, ranging from adorable kawaii designs to magical worlds. Kids can embellish their nails with unicorns, smiling clouds, sparkling stars, fairies and more. These fun stickers add a touch of magic to every manicure and allow creativity to flow.

Are OMY Paint Box products suitable for painting beginners?

Yes, OMY Paint Box products are specially designed for painting beginners. They are suitable for children and people who wish to discover this art. The Paint Box offers complete kits including all the necessary materials, simple instructions and bright colors to make learning easier. Painting with the OMY Paint Box is a fun and accessible experience for painting beginners.

Are OMY coloring pages suitable for beginners?

Yes, OMY coloring pages for children are perfectly suitable for beginners. Their varied and fun designs offer a coloring experience accessible to everyone, whatever your level. Clear outlines and simple details make it easy to fill in with pencils or felt-tip pens. Whether you are a child or an adult, OMY coloring pages are a creative and relaxing activity for all beginners who want to learn the art of coloring.