The story of JOY!

Finding a gift can quickly turn into a headache.

"I have no idea !"
“Don’t want to run to the store”
“I can’t find anything nice in my budget”
“It’s not original enough”
“I don’t have time to look”

I know all these questions. I've had them too, a little too often. I bet you too!

Mother of 3 children with a busy life, the quest for the perfect gift could quickly turn into a nightmare. I didn't have the time or the desire to run to the store. This headache ended when my daughter, Tessa, discovered a passion for monthly boxes.
The pleasure of testing new products, discovering new experiences and seeing her flourish by trying new activities. Over time, gift boxes have become a real passion in my family! The pleasure of giving, of making our loved ones happy, of surprising them, of sharing moments of life, but also the practicality of the format, all you have to do is choose and offer! A huge saving of time and energy.

Former caregiver and seller on Amazon, I decided to leave everything to build a project closer to values. This is how I retrained as a gift box scout. I surrounded myself with trusted partners in order to be able to build a project that resembled me and that made sense in the current situation: working with local and European creators by offering original gift boxes at an affordable price.

This is how JOY! was born. A concept store around the gift box. The essential address to help you find THE ideal gift for the whole family. No more wasting time, long hours racking your brains or running to the store. Click, offer, isn't it more comfortable?

Welcome to JOY!
Laetitia, founder

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