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11 easy DIY ideas for kids!

The holidays are coming up fast ! Soon, children will have plenty of time to indulge in their favorite hobbies. Why not take the opportunity to put together a program full of manual and creative activities for them? At JOY!, we have collected 11 easy and fun DIY ideas to do as a family . Something to keep your little budding artists busy during long days off!

Painting, jewelry, decorations... Our educational and fun creative kits will awaken the imagination of your little ones while stimulating their manual talents. Ready to give free rein to their boundless creativity?

Discover without further delay our 11 DIY ideas for the holidays !

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1) Color your clothes

Selfie Craft Co Ice Queen Coloring Pajamas

Rediscover the joys of childhood and give free rein to your boundless imagination! This coloring garment with snowy patterns will immerse you in a wonderful tale of the Snow Queen. Armed with your magic pencils, draw sparkling snowflakes, frosted arabesques and other polar creations on the fabric!

This enchanted box contains pajamas (also available in a boy's version) in cloud-soft jersey, seven brightly colored textile markers as well as creative tips. Once your work of art is finished, all you have to do is iron the garment to fix the colors to perfection.

2) Create beautiful beaded jewelry!

    Little jewelry designers in the making, get your fairy fingers ready! With this kit for children to create their own jewelry , you will be able to let your creativity shine by making a pretty multi-colored bracelet.

    This box contains all the materials needed to make a unique rainbow bracelet that perfectly matches your spring outfits:

    • Round wooden beads in bright colors
    • Rainbow-shaped beads for a dazzling finish
    • Elastic thread for a bracelet that adjusts easily
    • 1 temporary rainbow tattoo to take the total look even further!

    The generous beads are perfect for little hands who will learn to thread them one by one with patience and dexterity. An ideal manual activity for developing fine motor skills while having fun! It’s up to you, future budding jewelry designers!

    3) Color inflatable balloons

    Sailor Coloring Balloons Birthday Pack - (x6 Créarts Inflatable Coloring Pages) Ara-Créative

      Budding adventurers, grab your pencils! The Sailor Coloring Balloon Pack will transform your world into an ocean of fantasy. With 6 underwater creatures to color and inflate, get ready to explore the depths in a world bursting with bright colors!

      The steps are childishly simple: color, breathe, admire! The thick paper Créarts accept pencils, markers, paints... Let your imagination run wild! Once inflated, these marine animals hold their shape perfectly for hours of limitless play.

      Ideal for a birthday, a party or a creative afternoon, this original activity pack will delight young seabed adventurers! Get your palettes ready? Blow!

      4) Decorate with pretty pebbles

        Rock Painting Kit for Kids - Cool Faces Journey Of Something

        Prepare for an extraordinary artistic expedition with this Rock Painting Kit for Children ! Your little explorers will love customizing their stones using paints, markers and fun stickers to create crazy faces. Starry glasses, a rebellious mustache, a baroque nose... Give free rein to your incredible imagination!

        Once your “cave heads” are finished, let’s go on a giant treasure hunt! Hide your mineral works of art in the garden or park, and follow in the footsteps of your prehistoric tribe. Who will be the first to find all the hidden faces?

        But the fun doesn't stop there! The box transforms into an urban setting where your cave characters can meet and do their shopping. A complete creative game for hours of Jurassic adventures!

        5) Create a magical garden

          Create your own dinosaur garden Cotton Twist Cotton Twist

          At the heart of this box, a prehistoric adventure awaits you, ready to come to life under your pencils.

          No need to be an experienced artist, this kit to create your magical garden is ideal for beginners aged 3 and over. By mixing the bright colors of watercolor pencils, your garden will take on unique and shimmering shades.

          Once their garden is personalized, it’s time for imagination! Your explorers will be able to tell thrilling stories, recreate scenes from the world of dinosaurs or simply marvel at their works of art. A great way to stimulate creativity and fine motor skills while having fun.

          6) Customize your pencils

          Pencils - Magic-do OMY omy

          Want to offer a fun and original activity to your little creators? Omy's Magic-do kit is the perfect workshop to give free rein to their boundless imagination!

          In this colorful box, your children will discover everything they need to customize their colored pencils themselves. Thanks to the special modeling clay provided, they can create fun handles in the shape of funny animals, fantastic characters or give free rein to their limitless creativity.

          Designed especially for little hands, this dough is ultra-light and dries in the open air in just 48 hours. Enough to allow your budding artists to create creations as solid as their ideas are original!

          7) Have fun with finger painting


          This finger painting set from Crea Lign promises you moments of pure creative happiness! Let children express themselves with their little hands, by painting wonderful furry and funny animals. Simple and fun, this activity develops fine motor skills , as well as the imagination of budding artists.

          8) Learn to create soaps

          Transform them into real soap makers for an afternoon! This Graine Créative box will allow them to make 8 soaps on the theme of fairy tales: a unicorn, a castle, a crown... A creative and fragrant activity , to introduce themselves to the manufacture of homemade cosmetics from the youngest age.

          9) Making your own slim


            Who has never dreamed of making their own homemade slime? This complete kit contains everything you need to create an ultra-fun slim e, with funny moving eyes! A fun sensory activity, which appeals to children's concentration and creativity.

            10) Have fun creating your mask

            REX - OMY omy 3D MASK

            Transform them into a proud dinosaur with this Omy creative kit ! Children will be able to assemble and decorate the mask representing Rex, the famous Tyrannosaurus. An ideal manual hobby to stimulate the imagination and motor skills, while having fun in the Jurassic universe.

            11) Prepare your mini vegetable garden

            Mini Vegetable Garden Box Radish and Nasturtium Radish and Nasturtium

            Instill a passion for gardening in your children! This fun box from Radis et Capucine will allow them to easily grow their mini vegetable garden, thanks to the seeds, soil and accessories included. An eco-responsible activity to raise awareness of respect for nature from an early age.

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