Deco strass et paillette : LE must have de l'année !

Rhinestone and sequin decoration: THE must have of the year!

Want a touch of magic in your interior?

Make your decor sparkle with our adorable diamond painting teddy bears ! Perfect for fans of rhinestone and sequin decoration , these little treasures will bring a glamorous and creative note to your space, in the blink of an eye!

Why choose our rhinestone and sequin bears for your decoration?

Imagine for a moment...

A festive dinner where all eyes will turn to your centerpiece, illuminated by the soft sparkling light of our rhinestone and sequin teddy bears .

Bright colors to suit all your desires: light pink, neon pink, blue, orange, white... Our adorable teddy bears shine brightly and blend in wonderfully with all decorative ambiances .

Country wedding, bohemian birthday or magical evening ? Let your imagination run wild and find the perfect teddy bear to enhance your event.

Each kit contains a promise of brilliance and originality . Everything you need is included to bring your glitter bear to life:

  • Sparkling rhinestones in different sizes and colors.
  • A solid support to accommodate your creation.
  • Clear, detailed instructions for easy assembly.

Let yourself be guided by this manual activity and embellish your reception table, create unique centerpieces or install these adorable glittering teddy bears in your living room for a magical touch to everyday life!

Our rhinestone and sequin teddy bears are the guarantee of a dazzling and original decoration that will leave no one indifferent.

A creative activity for the whole family

The Crystal Bear DIY kit is not just a way to add sparkle to your decoration. It is a real invitation to share creative moments with the family around a fun and original manual activity.

Imagine... A quiet afternoon with family, huddled around the table, each immersed in the delicate art of rhinestones and sequins**, bringing your adorable diamond bear to life. Laughter, discussions and moments of complicity guaranteed!

Perfect for rainy days , winter evenings or even as a festive activity during large family gatherings , the DIY Crystal Bear kit is the guarantee of unforgettable moments of sharing and creation.

And once your teddy bear is finished? It becomes a unique and precious figurine to place in your favorite place, for a touch of magic in everyday life.

Looking for an original and touching gift? Offer a DIY Crystal Bear kit to your loved ones! A handmade gift, with love , which will allow them to create their own diamond teddy bear and keep a lasting memory of this moment of sharing.

For Christmas, a birthday or simply to show your affection , a diamond teddy bear is a gift that shines brightly , long after being given.

Give the gift of creativity and precious family moments with the Crystal Bear DIY kit!

How to integrate a diamond teddy bear into your rhinestone and sequin decoration?

Our adorable diamond bears don't stop at brightening up your parties, they also bring a touch of magic and fantasy to your everyday life. Be inspired by our ideas to make these charming creations shine in every room of your home:

Festive table:

  • Create a dazzling focal point by placing a diamond bear in the center of your table. Surround it with small sparkling candles and flower petals for a magical atmosphere during your meals and celebrations.
  • Arrange several teddy bears of different sizes and colors along the table for a touch of elegance and cheerfulness.
  • Use transparent supports to elevate your teddy bears and create an effect of depth.

    Room decoration:

    • Bring a touch of cheerfulness by hanging several teddy bears in different colors in strategic places. Whether above the dining room table, in the living room, or even in a bedroom, they add a festive and colorful dimension to your space.
    • Create a garland of alternating teddy bears and sparkling beads to decorate your fireplace or front door.
    • Place teddy bears on shelves, side tables or dressers for a touch of glamor and originality.

      Gifts for guests:

      • Offer a DIY Crystal Bear kit as a special souvenir to your guests. They will be able to take a piece of the magic of your event home with them.
      • Slip a diamond teddy bear into a small gift box with a thoughtful message.
      • Create floral arrangements by integrating diamond teddy bears for a magical and unforgettable touch.

        Reading corner or office:

        • Transform a corner of your home into an inspiring space by decorating with a diamond teddy bear. It can serve as a sparkling companion on a desk or shelf, bringing a touch of light and color to your moments of relaxation or work.

          Children's room:

          • Create a magical environment for your children by integrating diamond teddy bears into their decor. They can be placed on shelves or hung near the window to catch the light and create dancing reflections that stimulate little ones' imaginations.

            Bathroom :

            • Why not add a touch of luxury to your bathroom? A diamond teddy bear placed near the bathtub or on the dressing table brings unexpected elegance and transforms your daily routine into a moment of pure pleasure.

            Don't hesitate to combine different ideas to create a decoration that suits you and which will amaze you every day! ✨

            Ready to add a little glitter to your life?

            No need to wait for Kevin ;-) Let yourself be seduced by the charm of our Ourson Crystal kits and add glitter and rhinestones to your life! What are you waiting for to bring your most brilliant ideas to life?

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