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What if we thought about a zero waste gift box?

Please someone who wants to take care of the planet? It’s possible thanks to the Zero Waste kit !

Are you looking for the Christmas gift perfect for someone who wants to take care of the planet and pay attention to their consumption? Or maybe you want to take advantage of a special occasion like the end of year celebrations, a birthday or a housewarming to convert your loved ones to this trend? Good news, it’s entirely possible! Zero Waste gift boxes are becoming more and more popular. Pretty boxes are now available to please our loved ones!

1) DIY makeup remover wipes

zero waste kit make-up remover wipes

Let's start with a low-cost Zero Waste gift box, ideal for all occasions or for Secret Santa : a kit to make your own makeup remover wipes! To stop buying tons of cotton pads that end up in the trash, there's nothing better than switching to makeup remover wipes. This DIY La Petite Epicerie sewing kit contains what you need to make 7 cloths, one for each day of the week. A lovely gift idea at the low price of €9.99, we love it!

2) Box to maintain your tongue naturally

homemade laundry detergent gift box

We also offer Naturel Factory 's Zero Waste kit to take care of your laundry naturally. It contains everything you need to take the plunge into homemade laundry detergent . Much less polluting, economical, respectful of the environment and our skin. This ultra-complete box allows you to create your own laundry detergent, softener, scented linen water, “special white” laundry detergent and a Sommière earth stain remover soap. A superb idea, very useful and eco-responsible .

3) For a Zero Waste kitchen

zero waste kitchen gift box

To introduce your loved ones to the world of Zero Waste, you can go for this Zero Waste kitchen kit from Je Suis Green . It contains the essentials for Zero Waste in the kitchen: a washable sponge, a solid dish soap, a food charlotte and a bee wraps. A great gift idea to gently introduce our loved ones!

4) The final touch: furoshiki

furoshiki frida zero waste

The final touch of a Zero Waste gift is the famous Furoshiki . The beauty of Furoshiki lies in its versatility. While it is primarily a way to wrap gifts, it is also a way to transport products and organize them. The fabric is usually a cotton blend that is durable and easy to clean. Additionally, the fabric can be easily reused, which largely explains its popularity in Japan .

Opt for one Furoshiki JOY! has several advantages:

  • Ecological : fabric packaging is reusable and made in France!
  • Aesthetics : pretty packaging is part of the pleasure of giving and highlights your gift.
  • Practical : the recipient will be able to reuse the fabric, in a certain circular economy logic as we have just seen.
  • Surprise : this eco-friendly, zero-waste gift wrap remains unusual. Your loved ones will admire your commitment to the planet.

Fall for a Furoshiki JOY! it's setting an example of more reasonable and ecological consumption to those close to you!

You now have several ideas for a Zero Waste gift kit to introduce your loved ones to. Whether it is to take care of them with makeup remover wipes, maintain their laundry with their homemade detergent or reduce their waste in the kitchen, each box is a good opportunity to take care of the planet and reduce its waste .

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