Faire de la décoration DIY pour son salon : Guide complet

DIY decoration for your living room: Complete guide

Would you like to give new shine to your living room without spending too much money? What if you tried a new decoration based on creative ideas largely inspired by the latest DIY trends?

What does DIY mean?

Before going any further on the subject, let's start by clarifying what the acronym DIY means. Some of you probably don't know what it really means. It owes its origin to the English expression “Do It Yourself” , which could be translated into French as “ do it yourself ”. You will therefore have understood that it is a synonym for “DIY”.

Followers of the DIY philosophy report feeling personal satisfaction, even a certain form of pleasure, from acting on their own. It is also an excellent way to reduce your stress level and improve your concentration skills.

Understanding the concept of DIY decoration

The DIY concept can be applied to many areas, and interior design is no exception. To reach its full potential, DIY decoration relies essentially on personality, creation and originality.

This way of redesigning your interior also perfectly addresses current issues. By applying it, you will begin a more sustainable approach and therefore more protective of our environment. You will also quickly notice that it is also a source of savings. Practical, isn't it for those who want to take action without spending too much!

Easy DIY decorating ideas for the living room

There are several tips that are easy to implement, even if you are not a DIY professional. Y ou will find many plans on the Web that will help you make different pieces of furniture on your own , starting with the coffee table. All that will remain is to find the wood to carry out this project. Did you know that a simple palette will be more than enough?

Do you like LED lighting? Then design an original light garland. Use recycled objects such as a dried tree branch or woven rope. Do you prefer a greener touch? Then opt for a green wall with hanging shelves!

Home DIY: create an original wall decoration

Wall decoration remains an excellent idea to give a facelift to a room. It will be enough, for example, to install several wooden letters on the wall. Obviously, to fully respect the principles of DIY, you will make and decorate this lettering yourself. You are then free to choose the words you will form ! Some classically write the words “love”, “home” or even “warmth” while others opt for more creativity and personalization.

You will also be able to display your favorite photos directly on a wall. You will then play with the layout (a collage in the shape of a heart will look great) and with the quality of the frames in order to highlight them even better. What if you tried to add a touch of greenery with frames made entirely of plants? You can also try cross-stitch embroidery and create your own embroidered illustrations to add a bohemian touch to your walls.

How to decorate and make your living room modern simply with DIY?

Are you a fan of modern style? Did you know that it only takes a little DIY to build such an atmosphere in your home?

You could, for example, decide to hang mirrors on the walls. For a more contemporary image, you will opt for different sizes and place them asymmetrically. Don't be afraid to act on the frames of paintings or photographs either . The idea then consists of choosing the most minimalist frames possible. For colors, you will limit yourself to black and white only.

Do you appreciate minimalist style above all else? In this case, make discreet shelves. In addition to changing the atmosphere of the room, they will be valuable for hosting green plants, works or various decorative objects.

Is your living room in your veranda? So in this case, there is this guide to help you arrange your living room so that it best meets your decoration desires.

Tips for successful DIY living room decoration

First, make sure that your projects correspond to both your capabilities and your availability. Ideally, you will start with simple projects before increasing the difficulty over time. You will also not forget to integrate the financial dimension into your thinking.

Once you have targeted a project and determined the style you want to infuse into your interior, you will need to take the time to plan and organize it. You will also be very careful to opt for materials that are aesthetic, resistant and durable.

Finally, it seems impossible to achieve your goals without pleasure. Whatever difficulties you may face, you must always keep in mind that, in DIY decoration, the most important thing is still to have fun.

Examples of DIY projects to transform your living room

After reading this text, you don't know what type of work to start with for your living room? Here are some examples that will give you inspiration:

  • the personalized coffee table
  • cushions with covers designed by you
  • a macramé lamp or suspension
  • a hand painted rug

Of course, this list is far from exhaustive! Once again, in order to maximize your chances of success, don't forget to take into account your personal ideas and desires. 

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