Nos 10 idées cadeaux facile pour mamie !

Our 10 easy gift ideas for grandma!

Are you looking for an original and easy-to-make gift to spoil your grandmother ? No more headache! We offer you 10 simple gift ideas for grandma that your children can easily make , with or without your help. Unique and personalized creations that are sure to delight their beloved grandma.

Create a Pouring Bear for Grandma!

An ideal creative kit for making a unique and tender gift for grandma with your children! Thanks to the fun technique of pouring painting and our complete Pouring Art kits for children , create magnificent colorful bears together. A moment of exchange and complicity to share with your little ones to create an original work that will make grandma's eyes shine!

Paint a picture for grandma!

Children's Painting by Numbers - Be Happy Journey Of Something

Give grandma a hand-made painting , thanks to this children's painting kit with radiant designs. Children from 5 years old will be able to easily reproduce this pretty drawing by following the numbers , under your kind guidance. A creative activity to do as a family for a precious tailor-made gift that will delight grandma !

Create a matching bracelet for grandma Cotton Twist “You and Me” Bracelet Gift Box Cotton Twist

Strengthen intergenerational bonds with this box allowing children to create a personalized bracelet for their beloved grandmother . Make these braided jewelry together for a unique moment of exchange and complicity. A gift full of love and lasting memories to slip on grandma's wrist!

Offer a handmade herbarium to grandma

My Weaving Herbarium Kit 290 X 190mm - Graine Créative GRAINE CREATIVE

A natural gift full of tenderness! Thanks to this loom, your children will be able to create a pretty herbarium painting by embedding plants picked during a family walk . Grandma will be amazed by this ecological present made with love and embellished with botanical anecdotes thanks to the educational cards.

Create a fun and colorful gift for grandma

Rock Painting Kit for Kids - Cool Faces Journey Of Something

Give grandma a unique gift made by your own hands! Customize these little rocks together to create funny faces to display proudly . Thischildren's DIY kit will offer creative moments to children, before organizing a treasure hunt to find the works in grandma's garden.

Create a paper llama for grandma


Nothing like a pretty paper trophy carefully made by your little ones to make grandma's eyes shine! This manual folding and gluing activity will encourage them to give free rein to their imagination to create an adorable decorative llama. A present full of sweetness and creativity to offer with pride.

Make a pretty rainbow for grandma's house
Creative kit: I make my rainbow out of rope - Classic Color La Maison des Makers

A lovely activity to do with the children to create a unique and colorful gift! This kit makes it easy to make a rainbow rope decoration to give to grandma. An ideal creative project for moments of intergenerational bonding. Grandma will be amazed by this handcrafted present made with love.

Making honey soaps for grandma

Please grandma with delicious scented soaps made with your own hands! This kit provides you with everything you need to make pretty, gourmet honey and chamomile soap bars. A pleasant manual activity to do with the children to create a natural and personalized gift that is sure to appeal to grandma.

Personalize a tote bag for grandma

Customize a pretty pineapple pattern canvas bag with this creative kit! Children can decorate it with the iron-on flex provided to make an original and trendy gift for their grandmother. A fun DIY experience to express their creativity and prepare a great handmade gift.

Decorate a pretty diamond teddy bear

Complete 5d diamond painting kit - Fluo Crystal Teddy Bear JOY!

Grandma will undoubtedly be seduced by this sublime teddy bear shining with a thousand lights! Do it together using the diamond painting technique accessible to everyone. A superb project to carry out with the children to make a pretty sparkling decoration that will make grandma beam with joy.

In short, these creative kits are a great opportunity to spend quality time with your children while preparing a handmade gift full of love for grandma. Whether by customizing a pretty bag, shaping delicate scented soaps, creating a sparkling decoration or making a trendy object, you will experience creative moments!

Grandma will be amazed by these original creations. So don't hesitate any longer, give him a gift full of your love with these ideal kits for intergenerational moments of sharing that are as sweet as they are creative!

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