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The best creative gifts to give in 2023

These are often the same gifts that we offer: jewelry, clothing, perfume, flowers... Due to lack of time we prefer to opt for simplicity and for safety we prefer not to take any risks. However, sometimes we find ourselves giving an impersonal gift that could be given to anyone, right? What if, for once, we took the time to really please our loved ones and take their personality and tastes into account? A great way to show them how much they mean to us! So if you are looking for a gift idea for a creative, manual person and DIY fan, here is our selection of creative gift boxes , to offer for any occasion:

1) “Best girlfriend” embroidery kit - French Kits

embroidery gift idea

Embroidery kit “Best Friend” French Kits

This French Kits embroidery kit celebrates beautiful friendships, a touching and unique gift to give to your best friend . This gift box contains everything you need to create your canvas step by step, it is suitable for both beginners and experienced users. An embroidery canvas already printed with the pattern, needle, threads and video tutorials to guide you throughout the process.

Needless to say, this colorful and feminine embroidery will make a superb interior decoration! His plus? Its low price of €15.95! No reason to miss out!

2) Floral Art Kit “Bouquet of roses” French Kits

creative floral art kit

Floral Art Kit "Bouquet of Roses" French Kits

For creative friends who love flowers, why not fall for this creative floral art kit ? Swap the traditional bouquet of flowers for a bouquet that she can keep by her side for years. This gift box allows you to create a bouquet in less than 3 hours. It contains everything you need to learn floral art step by step and easily create your first creation. A sustainable and useful alternative to the bouquet of roses!

3) Paint by number box “Colorful House” La Petite Epicerie

paint by number adult

Painting box - Colorful Houses - La Petite Epicerie

Painting by numbers is an activity that we all loved during our childhood. How about diving back into it? Painting by number has many benefits: reduces stress and anxiety, improves concentration, chases away distracting thoughts, improves self-esteem. By offering this paint set , you are not only offering an artistic experience but also a way to care for those you love. Its pattern, imagined by Chloé Weinfeld, an illustrator from Lyon, means that this canvas, once finished, will transform into a magnificent colorful painting!

4) Macramé wall decoration kit - French Kits

macramé gift idea

Macramé kit - Mini suspensions - French Kits

For creative friends who love macramé, here is a gift idea that will please them! This creative kit allows you to create colorful macramé suspensions. It contains everything you need to get started step by step and create your 4 macramé feathers. Its orange, nude, purple and pistachio colors harmonize to form a trendy decoration. This creation takes approximately 1h30. This box includes a video tutorial to support you during creation.

5) Lithotherapy jewelry kit - La Petite Epicerie

lithotherapy stone jewelry

Lithotherapy jewelry creation kit - La Petite Epicerie

Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, this gift box contains everything you need to create your jewelry from lithotherapy stone . Lithotherapy consists of using stones and their energies to improve psychological and physical well-being. You can choose your stone based on the benefits you are looking for. A superb box for lovers of DIY and alternative medicine. This kit allows you to make a multi-row necklace, a classic necklace, a pair of earrings and a bracelet.

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