Les meilleurs kits de broderie à faire soi-même ! (débutant friendly) (2023)

The best DIY embroidery kits! (beginner friendly) (2023)

The art of embroidery is making a comeback! It has become essential for personalizing your clothes , accessories, and even decor. Embroidery allows you to add a touch of fantasy and transform your accessory into a unique piece. Colorful, flowery, abstract, cute or funny, its only limit is the imagination. Many people would like to embark on this creative activity without daring too much. If this is your case, rest assured! There is now a wide choice of  creative leisure kit  designed to do your own embroidery, step by step and completely accessible to beginners .

Here is our selection of the best DIY embroidery kits, to get started once and for all:

Punch boxes Needle by La Petite Grocery store

Punch Needle Box - La Petite Epicerie

This box will allow you to create pretty Punch Needle in very trendy colors and plant motifs. It contains everything you need to learn this manual art!

The punch needle is an embroidery tool that allows you to create textured designs by threading wool or other thread through a fabric. It is used to create designs on rugs, cushions, clothing and other items. The punch needle is usually used in conjunction with a technique called "relief embroidery", which involves pushing the thread into the fabric at different heights to create raised designs. There are different types of punch needles , each having its own needle length and diameter, allowing different textures to be created.

A tote bag to embroider yourself

bag to embroider yourself

DIY embroidery bag

A super original idea to get started , that would you say customize your own tote bag? The canvas bag is already decorated with illustrations of vegetables, all you have to do is embroider them using colored threads to bring them to life. Once the creation is finished, you will have an embroidered bag perfect for going to the market!

This beginner embroidery kit includes instructions, a needle and 14 colored threads to get creative!

DIY haberdashery: My embroidered socks

embroidery socks kit

Socks to embroider yourself

Have you always dreamed of personalizing your socks ? Are you a big fan of creative projects and fancy socks ? The kit MKMI : My embroidered socks by La Petite Grocery store is do for you ! With this unique kit, you can make two magnificent pairs of vibrant socks that you can wear every day. La Petite Épicerie has prepared a complete guide with detailed instructions for carrying out this project. You will be able to proudly wear your handmade socks after just two hours of work. This is a great choice for people who don't have a lot of time to devote to manual activities.

The creation of these embroidered socks is accessible to everyone , beginners and enthusiasts alike. The small, very colorful designs are quite simple to embroider.

DIY Decorative Embroidery Kit

Create pretty decorative embroidery with La Petite Epicerie kits which have everything you need. Embark now on this new creative adventure to test and adopt!

THE French kits by La Petite Grocery store owe their popularity to their Very well explained kits which allow you to learn step by step and simply. Everything is there to help you embark on this activity with peace of mind. In addition, the canvas is designed in France! These embroidery kits exist in different designs: hot air balloon, best friends, road trip, wildflowers, pretty heart... The The harder it will be to choose the pattern of your choice! 

For more choices, visit our collection of do-it-yourself embroidery kits .

Why choose a DIY embroidery kit?

There are many reasons for a DIY embroidery kit. Here are some examples:

  • These kits can allow you to personalize an object or an outfit by adding a personal touch.
  • Embroidery kits can be used to learn a new sewing technique or to improve embroidery skills.
  • Embroidery kits can be fun and creative, but also relaxing and therapeutic!
  • Embroidery kits can be an affordable way to create unique gifts for friends and family.
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