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Unleash your creativity with Pouring Bears: the new DIY trend that’s all the rage!

Have you ever seen these adorable, colorful teddy bear figurines that are taking over Instagram and Pinterest?

These are Pouring Bears or “ Fluid Bear ”, the new DIY trend which is all the rage in the United States, England, Korea and Italy, and which is finally arriving in France!

We'll explain everything about this new trend from pouring paint !

What is Pouring Bear?

The Pouring Bear, or “Fluid Bear” is the new DIY trend that is setting social media on fire! This is a ceramic bear figurine that you personalize using the fluid painting technique, also called "pouring painting".

The principle of pouring painting is simple and accessible to everyone:

  1. Choose 3 colors of fluid acrylic paint from a wide palette of shades.
  2. Pour the colors directly onto the teddy bear, without a brush or any other special artistic technique.
  3. Let your imagination run wild and admire the unique shapes and patterns that are created naturally as the paint mixes and spreads across the figure.
  4. Let your creation dry for 24 hours and discover your masterpiece!

Pouring painting is a fun activity that allows you to express yourself creatively without any constraints. It is a real invitation to discovery and experimentation, accessible to young and old, experienced artists and beginners alike.

The Pouring Bear is enjoying growing success around the world. Already popular in the United States, England, Korea and Italy, it is arriving in force in France and promises to become the essential DIY activity of the year!

Why are Pouring Bears so popular?

The craze for Pouring Art on figurines is part of the growing trend of DIY and creative hobbies. More and more people are looking for manual activities to relax, express their individuality and create unique objects.

Pouring Art perfectly meets these expectations:

  • Simplicity and accessibility: you don't need to be an experienced artist to make a Pouring Bear. The technique is simple and fun, accessible to everyone.
  • Creativity and personal expression: the Pouring Bear offers endless creative possibilities. Each color, each movement of the hand gives rise to a unique and personal result.
  • Relaxation and well-being: giving free rein to your creativity by pouring paint on a teddy bear is a relaxing and stress-relieving experience.
  • Original decorative object: a Pouring Bear is a real little work of art that can decorate your interior or be given as a gift.
  • Intergenerational activity: Pouring Bear is a fun and enriching activity that young and old can share with family or friends.

The unique and customizable aspect of each creation is one of the main attractions of Pouring Bear. No two fluid acrylic paint creations are the same, making each creation special and unique.

How to get started creating Pouring Bears?

There are two ways to create your own Pouring Bear:

1. The complete JOY! kits pouring paint on figurine

The simplest and most economical solution is to use our complete JOY! kits. They contain everything you need to create your own Pouring Bear at home:

  • A bear figurine
  • 3 colors of high quality fluid acrylic paint
  • A cup for mixing colors
  • An apron to protect your clothes
  • Gloves to protect your hands

With our JOY! kits, you can create your Pouring Bear in just a few minutes, without any prior experience. Just follow the instructions and let your imagination run wild.

2. DIY workshops in town

For a more immersive and guided experience, you can participate in a DIY workshop.

These workshops are generally organized in large cities , such as Paris, Lyon, Marseille, etc. They are led by professionals who will teach you pouring painting techniques and guide you in creating your own Pouring Bear.

DIY workshops are a great opportunity to meet other DIY enthusiasts, share your ideas and learn new techniques.

Here are some tips for choosing a DIY workshop:

  • Make sure the program matches your experience level.
  • Choose a workshop that offers colors and techniques that interest you.
  • Read participant reviews before registering.

Whether you choose to create your Pouring Bear at home with a JOY! or take part in a DIY workshop, you are sure to have a creative and fun experience.

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