5 idées cadeaux pour la rentrée scolaire !

5 gift ideas for back to school!

Back to school is approaching! Whether your child is preparing for kindergarten, primary school, college, high school or university, this is an important moment for them. Find your friends, discover your new class, your new teachers and your new schedule. So many exciting changes but sometimes stressful! More and more parents are offering a gift at the start of school to encourage their child or teenager and show them that they are being thought of.

What type of gift to give him? JOY! has prepared a selection of creative kits for you!

Why give a back-to-school gift?

Back to school is a time full of emotions. It marks the start of a brand new school year. For some children and adolescents, returning to school can be a source of stress. For others, on the contrary, the start of the school year can be exciting with the idea of ​​meeting up with their classmates after the summer vacation!

The back-to-school gift will be a source of motivation for your child. Whatever the amount, it's a nice touch that shows that you're thinking of him for this new school year. 

If you haven't given him an end-of-school-year gift, then this is the opportunity to make up for it and please him before this new stage!

What gift to give for back to school?

1) All smiles Biscuits Kit - Oookies

ookies chocolate smile cookies

Your child will be delighted to share some time in the kitchen with you to create their own chocolate snacks. He will also be very proud to be able to show his achievements and his talent as a pastry chef to his friends during the school snack! A prettykitchen set for children to share a moment with the family.

2) The Organic Cola Workshop

DIY organic coca cola creation workshop

Another gift idea to develop your child's creativity: offer them a Radish and Nasturtium box to make their own cola. Undeniably one of children's favorite drinks, teach them to make their own cola, organic, made in France and with a natural composition! He can show off in front of his friends, and even have fun giving an original name to his own drink.

3) Coloring cap - Selfie Craft&Co

craft&co selfie coloring cap

A great gift idea to show off in the schoolyard! Give your child the opportunity to customize their own cap . He will have a blast and will have a unique cap that he will never take off.

4) Kit mix of Heishi pearls and Melbourne charms - La petite Epicerie

heishi pearl mix kit la petite epicerie

For little girls and teenagers who love to be at the forefront of fashion! Give him a heishi pearl kit so he can make his own ultra-trendy pearl bracelets. Thisbox for making her beaded bracelets is inspired by the colors of Melbourne, warm, girly colors, pompoms and shells, she will love it and will make all her friends envy!

5) Pixel art photo construction set - Mozabrick

mozabrick set constuction photos pixel art

A great idea to bring their favorite photos to life! This box allows you to recreate Pixel Art from the photo of your choice and then obtain a superbdesigner wall decoration that is unique in its kind. With his group of friends, his girlfriends, his pet or a family photo, your child will proudly display his works of art!

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