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Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of pouring art with our kits specially designed to introduce children to this fun and creative artistic technique.

With our complete pouring kits, accessible from 8 years old , discover the pleasure of creating magnificent paintings in fluid paint with fascinating patterns with four hands. Pouring painting is ideal for developing children's creativity, motor skills and wonder!

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Discover the pouring bear trend!

Social networks are under the spell of a new star: the fluid bear! You've probably seen him, this colorful little character who makes the web crackle. But do you know his little name?

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How to get started with pouring painting at home?

Discover our guide to getting started with pouring art at home!

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Your questions about our pouring kits for children

Your pouring kits are suitable for children from what age?

Our pouring kits are suitable for children over 8 years old :-)

What is the pouring painting technique?

Pouring, also called fluid painting or liquid art , is a fascinating artistic method that is revolutionizing the way you paint! Its principle is simple: just gently pour acrylic paint onto your favorite support and let it flow freely.

Thanks to this fun technique accessible to all, you can create colorful masterpieces without needing drawing skills. On a canvas, a figurine or even a vase, each creation will be unique!

Colors mix and interact in unpredictable ways, creating swirling patterns and hypnotic gradients. You will be surprised by the breathtaking visual effects obtained in no time at all.

How many colors to use for a successful pouring project?

The key to a successful result is a palette of 2 to 4 shades.

Why this quantity? With 2 to 4 colors you have enough contrast to create a dynamic and balanced composition. The shades interact harmoniously, complementing or subtly blending into each other.

What is the origin of the acrylic pouring trend?

Acrylic pouring, this artistic technique that is all the rage, comes to us from the four corners of the world! Like any creative revolution, it germinated simultaneously in different countries, driven by visionary artists.

Imagine that the pioneers of this innovative art are found in the United States, cradle of abstract expressionism, but also in South Korea, where innovation is king. As for Europe, it is not left out! Trendy metropolises like Milan, London and Berlin have seen the birth of vibrant communities of pouring enthusiasts.

Fascinating, isn't it? This global creative effervescence testifies to the universal enthusiasm for this fun technique accessible to all. You don't need to be a brush expert to get started!