Comment concevoir ses cartes d’invitation d’anniversaire pour les 18 ans ?

How to design your 18th birthday invitation cards?

You want to organize an incredible birthday party to mark your 18th birthday. The opportunity is fully worth such a resolution. However, before the cakes and drinks, invest in the invitations in advance and there is nothing better than designing birthday cards that will make you want to join your party. Find the essential steps for designing invitation cards.

Choosing the right card format

birthday card example 18 years old

It all starts with form. When organizing an 18th birthday party, visuals play a huge part in the experience. Please note that a birthday card can take a multitude of formats from which to choose.

A rectangular card

This is probably the most common and recognizable format of all. This format is indeed ideal for easily transmitting important information about the event. Additionally, it provides enough space to incorporate eye-catching images and designs, among other things.

A square card

The square card also remains very popular. This very compact shape in the eyes of some people brings a touch of modernity and originality to any invitation card. It allows you to immediately capture the guest's attention.

A folded card

A folded card is a great way to break the rules and stand out in a different way. For good reason, this format expresses creativity. For your 18th birthday, opt for the folded card! You will find single, double and accordion versions on sites like Popcarte.

Choosing the Right Type of Paper

This may seem trivial to you. However, remember that the thickness and texture of the paper significantly influence the overall perception of the invitations. We then suggest that you turn to thick, heavy-weight supports (minimum 250 g/m²) available incraft stores .

Favor the rigidity of the paper. Also make sure that it is textured to add more character to your creations. For example, you can dare to use selective varnish or even embossing to highlight certain graphic elements of your invitation cards.

Define the theme of your invitation cards

The choice of theme plays a central role in the process of designing birthday invitation cards. This element must therefore reflect the identity of the person being celebrated. You will be able to choose to start your adult life with an atmosphere worthy of Hollywood stars.

To do this, go for themes that evoke the glamorous side by opting for a strong use of black, white, silver and gold. If possible, add rhinestones and sequins. If, on the other hand, you are planning a birthday party with a disco theme, personalize your cards accordingly.

Dare to use shimmering colors such as orange, red, yellow and apple green. You can then accompany them with psychedelic motifs. Once you have decided on the main theme, combine it with the right colors for the typography to achieve a subtle contrast.

example of 18th birthday card

Write an irresistible message

When formulating your invitation message, keep in mind that this is the first interaction between your guests. Therefore, address them directly using a friendly and engaging tone.

For your 18th birthday, keep a familiar register that will quickly get your friends involved. Your objective is therefore to convey to them the enthusiasm and importance of this very special day for you.

Call your guests by name and use possessive pronouns like “your coming,” “your participation,” “your presence would be a priceless gift to me” to reinforce the feeling of inclusion. Likewise, evoke memories if possible.

For example, share a funny anecdote with your classmates. If, on the other hand, you like suspense, arouse curiosity in your message by teasing, for example, an animation or an exclusive activity without giving too many details.

Print your invitations

Having completed all the previous steps, you can partly congratulate yourself. The final stretch will consist of printing and then distributing your magnificent birthday invitation cards. But first, make sure you size and position elements like important text and images on your cards.

Above all, avoid too small margins around the outer edges. It is in fact always preferable that the main information stands out sufficiently to facilitate rapid understanding. If necessary, you can perform small-scale test printing before launching final production.

Regarding the distribution of your invitation cards for your 18th birthday, choose a personal and attentive method of transmission. If they are your long-time friends or classmates, choose hand delivery. We wish you a happy age, hoping to have been useful to you!

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