Punch Needle : comment se lancer à la maison ? Tuto & conseils

Punch Needle: how to get started at home? Tutorial & advice

Do you know the punch needle? This ultra trendy embroidery technique which allows you to create textured patterns in relief? If you haven't yet, prepare to be won over! The punch needle is a real hit among creative hobby enthusiasts thanks to its soothing and addictive side.

In this article, we reveal all the secrets to taming the punch needle like a pro.

What is Punch Needle?

Punch Needle is an embroidery technique used to create relief and texture on a fabric support. This creative activity has experienced real popularity in recent years, in particular thanks to influencers and artists like Julie Robert or Agnès Pironon who have popularized it.

With a special needle with an eye at the end, we “punch” the wool through the canvas or fabric to form small loops on the reverse side. The result gives an ultra cocooning and decorative padded and fluffy appearance!

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What are the origins of Punch Needle?

Although very trendy currently, this technique is not new. It dates back to the Middle Ages and was practiced in several regions of the world such as China, the Middle East and Native American communities.

At that time, it was mainly used to make rugs, cushions or warmly lined blankets. Nowadays, it is mainly used for interior decoration or the creation of fashion accessories.

Advantages of Punch Needle:

✅ Easy to learn, even for beginners

✅ Quick creations compared to classic embroidery

✅ Allows you to create textured patterns in relief

✅ Wide choice of supports: canvas, fabric, felt...

✅ Ideal for decoration: cushions, rugs, frames, jewelry...

✅ Zen and addictive activity once started!

What equipment to get started with Punch Needle?

Punch Needle

It is the essential tool and there are two main types of needles:

Fixed handle needle

  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Several eye sizes available (thin, medium, thick)
  • Perfect for a gentle start

Adjustable handle needle

  • You can adjust the length of the eye
  • More techniques to use
  • Ideal for the most experienced

The support

The choice of support will greatly influence the final rendering and texture. We find :

  • Canvas : the most common material to start with, perfect for patterns
  • Thick fabrics : linen, mattress canvas, old jeans... For a rustic look
  • Felt: soft and easy to work with, ideal for decoration


To obtain a beautiful fluffy finish, it is better to favor thick wools such as:

  • Wool for carpets (latch hook type)
  • Coarse knit wool (composed of 25-30% wool and 75-70% acrylic)
  • Wool sock yarn

There are also 100% acrylic wool and ready-made kits to get started.


  • Embroidery frame or hoop
  • Wool scissors
  • Razor blades to clear wires
  • Fixing rings and non-slip mat grip
  • Beads, sequins... to decorate

Tutorial: the basics of Punch Needle

Now that you have everything you need, let's get down to business! Here are the key steps:

Step 1: Prepare the support

Stretch the chosen fabric correctly on an embroidery frame or hoop. Stretch it evenly without leaving creases for a beautiful finish.

Step 2: Thread the wool

Cut a strand of wool of approximately 60 cm and thread it through the eye of the Punch Needle. Leave a tail of 10-15 cm protruding to tie a final blocking knot.

Step 3: Punch!

Hold the needle at a slight angle, with the eye facing the fabric backing. Stitch with a dry, regular motion to pass the wool through the canvas.

  • For a classic stitch: punch on the right side
  • For a raised stitch: punch on the reverse side

Step 4: Maintain the Punch Needle rendering

Every 10-15 stitches, cut off the excess wool on the reverse side with pinked scissors. Also remove the wires using a blade to maintain a beautiful finish!

Here are some complete tutorial videos to clearly visualize the gestures:

Advanced Punch Needle Techniques

Once you have acquired the basics, you can have fun with different techniques:

🌺 Vary the tension of the wool to create unique textures
🌺 Layer colored yarns for a nice mix
🌺 Alternate punch right/back for relief games
🌺 Integrate additional embroidery
🌺 Decorate with cabochons, pearls, sequins…

The Punch Needle allows a multitude of effects! Let your creativity speak.

Our punch needle kits: the ideal solution to get started!

Our punch needle kits are the ideal choice to get started in this creative activity ! Whether you're a beginner or an expert, these all-in-one kits contain absolutely everything you need to create beautiful projects.

You will find a pre-printed cotton canvas with the pattern of your choice, quality wool threads in suitable colors, a punch needle, as well as a detailed instruction booklet.

No more hassle of finding each tool separately, our punch needle kits are a very practical and economical solution. All you have to do is order them and have fun!

Inspirations and creative ideas

This technique is ideal for making decorative cushions, rugs, frames or even textile jewelry! Some even use it on clothing or bags for a unique look.

To get inspired, don't hesitate to check out the magnificent creations on Instagram with the hashtags #punchneedle #punchneedleart... Or even wander around on Pinterest!

Don't wait any longer to get started on this creative, decorative and terribly addictive activity! The Punch Needle has lots of lovely surprises in store.

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