Nos meilleures idées cadeaux pour enfant de 5 ans et plus !

Our best gift ideas for children aged 5 and over!

What gift idea for a child aged 5 (and over)? The choice can sometimes be complicated. To save you time, discover our selection of gift ideas for girls and boys aged 5 and over: coloring, beads, baking, toys, you will find the gift that will amaze them! You should find something to inspire you:

1) Coloring pajamas

footballer coloring pajamas

Coloring pajamas are a great idea to allow a child to express their creativity! Football is also a very popular sport among our little darlings, they will be delighted by this gift and can't wait to start customizing it! Definitely a gift that will please a young boy.

Available on our store from 3 to 12 years old.

2) Kitchen kit

chef club gift box it's party time

An ideal idea for little apprentice cooks. They will be delighted and proud to share their pastries with the whole family!

This children's cooking set "It's a party all year round" from ChefClub is a set to celebrate all the holidays on the calendar: Christmas , Halloween, Easter, Birthdays, etc... thanks to more than 20 fun recipes and greedy.

This gourmet and educational gift box is suitable for children aged 4 to 10.

3) DIY kit for children Kawai creations

kawaii creation kit creative seeds girl gift box

This mega box of manual activities for children fromGraine Créative will make little girls' eyes sparkle! They can have fun customizing their own backpack and purse by adding beads, sequins and lots of other super cute accessories! A magical idea to amaze young girls.

4) Bath bomb gift set for children

gift idea for 5 year old child

No more fighting to go to the bath! Thanks to this "bath bomb" set, children will just be looking forward to going to the bath to transform the bathtub into a real rainbow! The bath water will sparkle and take on all the colors, this spectacle will amaze them. This cosmetic box for children  also includes a beautiful rainbow and fizzy bubble bath. Let's also not forget to mention the smell of fresh fruit that emanates from it!

This reasonably priced box set is sure to have an impact.

5) Green llama to grow

green llama to grow

This green llama to grow will definitely amuse girls and boys, they will be amazed by watching its funny green fur grow. They can also give him funny hairstyles if they feel like it. The little extra? A pretty designer and original decorative object ! Its low price and the possibility of reusing it endlessly, just add other seeds!

Between the end of infancy and the beginnings of childhood, young children are in the midst of discovery. They interact better and better with the environment and coordinate their movements. At the age of 5 we learn a new sport, we start to read, numbers and letters. This is a very important learning age during which play mixes with learning. For even more creative gift ideas for children aged 5 and over, go to, all you have to do is choose!

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