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Our 5 favorite decorative, design and aesthetic objects! [2023]

When it comes to decorating your interior, choosing designer decorative objects can be a simple and effective way to give character and style to a room. Whether it's a fun, colorful little vase or a designer stainless steel lamp, a well-chosen decorative item can transform an ordinary room into a space that is both aesthetic and unique.

In this article, we've selected five of our favorite designer decor items that can add a touch of sophistication and style to any room. We chose these objects for their quality, their aesthetics and their ability to blend harmoniously into different interior decoration styles.

Whether you are looking for a decorative object for your living room, your bedroom or your office, we are convinced that you will find in this selection a decorative and design object that matches your tastes and needs. Without further ado, here are our five favorite designer decorative objects:

1) DONKEY’s golden lucky cat

original decorative object lucky cat

Are you looking for an original way to add a touch of luck and refinement to your interior decoration? Fall for the Lucky Cat Glossy Gold Maneki Neko by Donkey , the contemporary and unique version of the famous Japanese lucky cat!

This playful and atypical statue reinvents the iconic traditional figure to give it an arty and contemporary look. But it not only brings prosperity and fortune, it also adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to every room in your home.

Imagine the statuette on a shelf in your living room, or as a centerpiece in your bedroom. It can also find its place in your office to accompany you throughout the day. Thanks to its elegant design and impeccable finishes, the Lucky Cat Glossy Gold Maneki Neko from Donkey can adapt to all interior decorations, from the most minimalist to the most sophisticated.

Whether you are passionate about Japanese culture or simply looking for a designer and lucky decorative object, this iconic statue will appeal to all lovers of trendy decorative objects. Available in several models, it also constitutes an original and refined gift to offer to your loved ones or to yourself.

2) DONKEY Smiling Astronaut Snow Globe

snow globe astronaut smiling donkey

Welcome to the kingdom of joy, where space exploration meets good humor! Let us introduce you to the Donkey Summerglobe Astronaut , a playful figurine that's ready to help you smile no matter what.

This extraordinary figurine has a very important mission: to make you radiate happiness, no matter the obstacles you encounter in your day. With its original and unique design, this decorative piece is a real eye-catcher that is sure to turn the heads of any space travel fan.

By shaking the astronaut slightly, you can see the golden snowflakes dancing happily around his smiling face. This fun and inspiring experience is sure to give you an instant morale boost.

Add a touch of whimsy and good humor to your daily life with the Donkey Summerglobe Astronaut. Whether you're looking to decorate your bedroom, office or living room, this playful figurine is ideal for brightening up any space.

3) Doiy - Rainbow vase

design deco rainbow vase

The Doiy Rainbow Vase is the colorful touch your home needs to bring joy and positive energy. With its elegant inverted rainbow shape, it offers not one, but two openings to place your favorite flowers and bouquets of dried flowers. The bright, vibrant colors are harmoniously arranged to create a true miniature rainbow. The end result is an absolutely charming ceramic design object, capable of transforming any space into a place where good humor and creativity reign. Add a touch of cheerfulness to your home with the Rainbow vase from Doiy and let the magic of colors enchant you!

4) Zinédine Zidane Poster - HUGOLOPPI

zinédine zidane design poster

The Zinédine Zidane poster by Hugoloppi is an iconic and designer piece of wall decoration, for any football fan or admirer of the legendary player. This 30x40 poster is a graphic portrait of the illustrious playmaker of the France team and Real Madrid, whose talent and charisma have inspired generations of players and supporters. Printed and designed with care in Lille, this poster is a stylish tribute to Zidane's impressive career, as well as his lasting legacy in the world of sport. Hang this poster in your office, bedroom or living room to bring a decorative and sporty touch to your room. With this poster of Zinédine Zidane, you are sure to score an aesthetic goal with every shot ;-)

5) Namaste Vase – Doiy

The ceramic vase in the Anjali Mudra yoga posture is a unique piece of interior decoration that brings a touch of serenity and spirituality to your home. Inspired by the spirit of yoga, this designer object is fashioned in the traditional pose of prayer, creating a calming and mystical ambiance. The terracotta color of the ceramic adds a natural and “organic” touch, perfect for interiors looking for a balance between modernity and tradition. This Namaste vase from Doiy is ideal for hosting single flowers, dried flowers and lush bouquets. With the Anjali Mudra vase, you will be able to connect with your yogi spirit and breathe an atmosphere of peace and meditation into your home. We love !


In conclusion, choosing designer decorative objects can be a great way to give character and style to a room. In this article, we've featured five of our favorite designer decor items that can add a touch of sophistication and style to any room. From the lucky golden cat to the rainbow vase to the Zinédine Zidane poster, each object brings its own personality and is capable of transforming any space into a unique and aesthetic place. Whatever your style, we are convinced that one of these designer objects will make you or a loved one happy. So don’t hesitate to adopt them!

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