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Puzzle: the 10 most Instagrammable models! (Summer 2024 special)

Are you looking for a creative and anti-stress activity to occupy your summer evenings? Look no further, the puzzle is making a resounding comeback and is becoming THE hobby to adopt urgently!

Outdated for years, it returns to the forefront in a modernized and downright hyped version . No more kitsch and outdated patterns, we are now focusing on ultra aesthetic, colorful and graphic design puzzles that will twist your decor with an arty touch.

Better yet, once completed, these new puzzles transform into real decorative objects to proudly display on your shelves!

There is something for everyone: dreamlike landscapes, vintage illustrations, tropical motifs... In short, something to satisfy all the desires of puzzle addicts. The icing on the cake is that this activity has many benefits: it boosts concentration, stimulates neurons and creativity, while reducing stress. Ideal for disconnecting and letting go after a hard day!

We've put together a selection of the 10 hottest and most Instagrammable models of the moment , just to make you want to get started right away. Be careful, your wish-list may grow longer...

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1. Cap Ferret 1000 piece puzzle - All The Ways To Say

Cap Ferret 1000 piece puzzle ALL THE WAYS TO SAY All the ways to say

Cap Ferret Puzzle - All The Ways to Says

We completely fall for the poetic and colorful illustrations of the All The Ways To Say brand. This model inspired by Cap Ferret , with its fishermen's huts, its dunes and its seaside atmosphere, is a real invitation to travel and escape. Its palette of pastel colors, between lagoon blue and sunny yellow, brings a breath of softness and freshness. An essential to extend your vacation!

2. Swing Puzzle 1000 pieces - All The Ways To Say

Swing Puzzle 1000 pieces ALL THE WAYS TO SAY All the ways to say

Puzzle Swing - All the Ways to Say

Second favorite from All The Ways To Say with this dynamic and plant-based illustration. We love the mix of sparkling yellow and lush vegetation which gives an urban jungle feel to the most beautiful effect. The richness of details and colors promises long hours of relaxation and fun. Once completed, this puzzle will be a real eye-catcher on your wall!

3. Oasis Puzzle 500 pieces

500 piece puzzle Oasis WerkShoppe

Puzzle Oasis - Werkshoppe

Want a little break of freshness and serenity? This magnificent puzzle should do the trick! Its enchanting oasis setting, with its turquoise watercourse and abundant vegetation, is a real call to zenitude and the summer season . Its palette of deep greens twisted with a touch of terracotta will warm up your interior with style. The little extra? Its 500 pieces make it a perfect format for beginners or small relaxation sessions.

4. Desert Flower 1000 pieces

Desert Flower Cactus Flower | WerkShoppe 1000 piece puzzle

Puzzle Cactus - Werkshoppe

This modern plant puzzle will make a splash in your decor! Its most beautiful plant motif, with its focus on majestic flowering cacti , is a real treat for the eyes. We love the contrast between the powder pink of the flower and the deep green of the plant, which brings a note that is both soft and energizing. In terms of difficulty, its 1000 pieces will keep you busy for long summer evenings.

5. Smiley Puzzle 1000 pieces

1000 piece puzzle Smiley Piece&Love

Smiley Puzzle - Piece & Love

Here is a puzzle that should delight fans of pop culture and vintage motifs ! With its iconic smiley design and flashy colors , it instantly brings good humor and pep. We can already imagine it proudly enthroned in a teenager's bedroom or an office, for a punchy and lively decor . Also ideal for boosting creativity and feeling positive during long puzzle sessions.

6. Puzzle I was bored - The iconic

1000 piece puzzle I was bored - The iconic Piece&Love

Puzzle I was bored - The Iconic - Piece & Love

Fans of the Piece & Love brand will love this humorous and iconic puzzle ! Ultra desirable with its quirky slogan and retro font, it promises a 100% feel good moment. It's the ideal gift to give to a friend who loves creative hobbies ... or to yourself for a personal pleasure. Small bonus: its format of 750 pieces is perfect for a 2-3 hour session , ideal for unwinding on the terrace after work.

7. Exotic Bathtub 1000 pieces - All The Ways To Say

Exotic bathtub puzzle 1000 pieces ALL THE WAYS TO SAY All the ways to say

Exotic Bathtub Puzzle - All the Way to Say

All The Ways To Say hits again very hard with this splendid urban jungle style illustration . This retro bathtub set in a lush jungle setting has an exotic and dreamlike side that feels great. Decor fans will not be able to resist its intense colors and its beautiful graphic composition. The difficulty of its 1000 pieces promises hours of fun and relaxation under the sun !

8. Rio 1000 piece puzzle - All The Ways To Say

Puzzle Rio 1000 pieces ATWS All the ways to say

Rio Puzzle - All the Ways to Say

A change of scenery and good humor guaranteed with this puzzle which smells of sunshine and the sweetness of life . Its tropical decor and its natural swimming pool are an invitation to travel as we like them. Enough to boost your creativity and fill your eyes! The quality of the ultra-designed design promises a (long) moment of pure pleasure, for a stunning result.

9. Banana Crush Puzzle 500 pieces - La Petite Épicerie x Des Petits Hauts


Banana Crush Puzzle - La Petite Epicerie

The surprising but terribly effective collaboration between the ready-to-wear brand Des Petits Hauts and La Petite Épicerie gave birth to this healthy and stylish puzzle . Its old school 70's banana print gives it a crazy look! With its dominance of yellow and its easy-to-make 500-piece format , good humor is guaranteed. To slip urgently into your suitcase for a vitamin-packed vacation!

10. Puzzle The Cheetahs 1000 pieces - Higgi

Puzzle The Cheetahs - Higgi

Animal totem of the season, the cheetah is proudly displayed on this sublime puzzle by Higgi . Its clean and natural design magnificently highlights the power and beauty of this feline, for an almost hypnotic effect. Its palette of warm tones, between ocher and terracotta, will warm up any room with character. If you're looking for a different and modern puzzle to show off on Insta, you've got your champ!

As you will have understood, the puzzle has definitely swapped its old-fashioned image for that of an ultra desirable lifestyle and decorative object. These beautiful new models to display should reconcile everyone with this well-being pastime which does a lot of good. There is something for all styles, all levels and all desires: it's up to you to choose your favorite for creative and relaxing sessions. After that, it's impossible to pick up...

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