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DOIY products are not only distinguished by their originality, but also by their accessibility. They are designed in such a way that all DOIY design lovers can get them.

Items are initially made based on customer preferences, allowing each individual to decide how the product will ultimately look. This embodies the new concept of democratic design!

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Doiy: designer vases & decorative objects

Explore the DOIY collection in your JOY concept store! DOIY Design is the essential reference for finding unique and trendy gifts.

Founded in 2008 by Elodie and Jaime in Barcelona, ​​DOIY is a brand specializing in the creation of gifts and accessories for the home.

Their creations are distinguished by their originality, their iconicity, their creativity, their reflection and their emotional dimension. Each object tells a story.

Whether it's to surprise you, cheer you up, spread positive vibes or simply make you smile... their creations always evoke a pleasant feeling.

Discover the selection of DOIY products at JOY! You will love their heart-shaped jewelry boxes, their rainbow vases, Namasté, the neko cat or even girl power!

Your questions about our DIY cosmetic kits and wellness boxes

Do you have cosmetic sets for children?

Yes ! Some of our cosmetic sets are suitable for children . This is particularly the case with our Mad Beauty boxes, some of which have a Disney theme: princesses, Bambi or even Batman. In short, the little ones will love it!

Is it complicated to start making homemade cosmetics?

Don’t worry, it’s more complicated than it looks! DIY cosmetic boxes are very well thought out, no chance of going wrong, even for beginners. Designed as real creative kits , they contain instructions that explain the step-by-step steps to carry out your own homemade treatments, you just have to follow :-)

Do you have cosmetic kits and well-being boxes at low prices?

Of course ! We think about all budgets. You can find Mad Beauty boxes in our selection starting at €4.99! And yes, only! For people concerned about the environment, we even have zero waste boxes that allow you to create makeup remover wipes for only €14.90.